Friday, April 27, 2012

April's End

Hi all, with the arrival of spring comes an incredible busyness, which feels good and purposeful after a quiet winter. The to do lists are long this week and long range plans are in the works too, spring is always like this!

I will be adding these new note cards to my Etsy shop very soon , got some more new art in the works too.

In the midst of all the work and plans this week came the sweet discovery of a wonderful movie called The Way.  It is the story of a father who unexpectedly finds himself in Spain on a pilgrimage, traveling the route of the 'Way of St. James', or the El Camino de Santiago as it is better known. This route, in real life, has been traveled by pilgrims all over the world for over 1000 years for both religious and personal reasons.  I would love to do this month long + walk! The film is a gem, with beautiful scenery and a sincere and heartfelt story. The soundtrack has some beautiful compositions by  Tyler Bates, and others.  Check it out...

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