Wednesday, April 4, 2012

vacation notes...

This is the perfect, blue sky I got to enjoy for two whole weeks while in Florida ... so many lovely, full days to remember.  Having just spent a winter in New England, to suddenly find myself in the tropical land of beaches, blooming flowers and warm sun was pretty exceptional. I savored every moment!

Part of what I love about travel is noticing plants, birds and  local wildlife that are new and unknown to me. To see flocks of pelicans flying overhead, or small lizards scurrying for cover into hedges as I walk by ...  not what I see everyday at home! It's also interesting to see familiar houseplants growing here, like bouganvilla  or hibiscus, growing as hedges and outdoor climbers. 

 Did I mention the shopping yet? I may be more of a window shopper than a buyer in this town but even I can appreciate the wondrous variety of shops and restaurants in the Palm Beach area.

My personal favorite was this one below, my first visit to Anthropologie !

                                                       ...and the beach of course...

Many thanks to my dear sister for sharing her beautiful world with me and to my Mom, for being such an adventurous and all around great travel companion! 
Love you both!
I  have more to post about my visit to Florida, I think it will be the Saturday morning Farmer's Market next!
  See you soon!

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